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Pet Holiday Tips

Holidays are certainly fun and exciting not only for the entire family. It is a wonderful time to bond and travel. But when you have pets and you would not want to leave them behind while you are enjoying your vacation, then you’d better think twice and plan out your vacation carefully beforehand.

If you choose to leave your dog in the care of somebody whom you can trust, you can ask vet clinics and/or boarding kennels in your area. The demand for boarding kennels has risen and there are now several veterinary services that will accept and take care of your pets during the holidays. Since it has been observed that more injuries and illnesses of pets in veterinary centers occur during these busy times because of the congestion and stress, you should be sure first that you are leaving your dog in a place known to be clean and disease-free.

Here are some factors that you should take into consideration when looking for a place to leave you dog for safekeeping when you go on holidays—

Find a place where there is reduced stress and risks for your dog.
Unfamiliar surroundings and noise can cause stress in pets. So when you decide to put up your pet dog in the care of a boarding dfacility while you are away for the holidays, choose the facility that is not too congested and has the basic and comfortable amenities for your pets. Take time, even long before the holidays, to check on which facility can you trust to leave your dog behind. Make sure that when you leave your pet for others to tend and care for in your absence, leave behind complete instructions and/or notes on the diet, routines, medications, and supplements for your dog that the vet service personnel can follow through. Remember, any changes in the environment and routines of the pet can threaten their security and routines which can greatly put them under undue stress. These changes can then result in the weakening of their immune system that may pave the way for infection to set in.

Thus, it is necessary to take extra precautions when leaving your dog with boarding kennels to protect them from diseases. If you do not want your dog to get sick while you are away, make sure you have chosen to reduce the environmental risks and possible stressors.

When deciding to take your pets along—
When you decide to take your pet along on your vacation, be prepared for the cost and the inconvenience.

Traveling with a pet entails processing special animal travel permits. And you have to check for airline restrictions as well as your hotels’ house rules on admitting pets. Although this may be exciting, you have to consider how much stress can travel cost your pet. So better check out on some home pet sitting as an option before you should fly for a getaway!

Moreover, not everyone is privileged to pay for very expensive and luxurious holidays with their pets. But should you really opt to bring your pet along, don’t get tempted to feed them with whatever you may be eating, too. Although it would be very cute to see your pet wagging its tail to tell you he is hungry, always remember that it is more risky to feed them with just anything other than what they are used to back home.

Nevertheless, no one really knows what may happen tomorrow, so make sure that you have also packed some emergency medications for your pet.

Some more Holiday Tips for Pet Care
It may be very interesting and playful to have your pets be at their best performances. But you have to remind yourself that pets are simply pets. Even children can misbehave, so you can only expect what animals can do. While you may joyfully enjoy decorating and making your home the best place to stay for the holidays, take into consideration your pets and their behavior. Although dogs are among the highly trainable pets, you have to be on your guard for any possible damage in your holiday decorations.

Unless, you want to spend the entire holiday with pet sitting, expect a few disasters so that you can prepare for any eventualities.

Photo by Flickr user andrewr, provided under a creative commons attribution licence